Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm very pleased to see that the South Florida Recumbent Riders group is awake again , after moving to Facebook, from Yahoo Groups.  We have a group of "regulars" who join our weekly scheduled rides and we have also added numerous new members! This group is not "formal" or very "organized" by design. All members are encouraged to participate by not only joining the scheduled rides they see in our Event Page but also by scheduling their own rides in their own areas and invite others. So, if you happen to see this post and are looking for a great group of people to ride with, I hope you check us out

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I’ve been familiar with Martin Krieg's amazing story for years. I’ve also been aware of “Awake Again”, the book Martin wrote to share his story and had made a number of mental notes to myself to read it sometime. Then, I guess life happened and I just kept putting it off. Well, I finally read it and frankly, I’m kicking myself in the rear for not reading it earlier. Soon after reading the last page, I had conflicting emotions. A part of me wanted to encourage others to read this extraordinary story and a big part of me was worried that my words would not do the book justice. But the story in itself helped me find the courage I needed to risk sharing my thoughts. You see, this book is not just about Martin’s horrific ordeal and his journey back to physical and mental health. It is not just about a guy who, in spite of incredible obstacles, managed to bike across the USA twice! Sure, all of that is a big part of the story but there so much more. This is about Martin’s journey into himself. It is a story that gives the reader so many insights about the things that are really important in life. It is a story about learning about the value of examining our motives, facing our fears, understanding our most inner feelings and discovering so many hidden truths that can set any of us free and also put us on a path to becoming the person(s) that we were intended to be. In this book, Martin candidly reveals his weaknesses and fears. In so doing, we not only come in touch with Martin’s extraordinary strengths but also we get a better understanding of that which is essential for us to be strong in ourselves so that we can help others and add a whole new dimension of meaning to our lives.

See for more details about the National Bicycle Greenway and Martin Krieg.